Home Spa Day

Post by Sharon

Ah, there is nothing better than a day of self-indulgence to slow down your pace and feel comforted and mellow. 

Here's some great ideas to spawn your home spa day or as I like to say "Day Spa" (Sharon Day

Be sure the night before to clear your schedule and if you share your home with others, make them aware you are on virtual vacay. 

I like to freeze fruits and veggies in a baggy so that I can whirl up a smoothie in the morning. If you have bags of frozen berries and fruit, some ginger root, spinach, kale, cucumbers, celery.... get it cleaned, cut and ready so you have no work tomorrow.

Sleep in as late as your body wants.

Before climbing out of bed, do some simple stretches and deep breaths. It's time to throw back the covers and head into the spa kitchen and get a tall glass of water with lemon or lime in it. Start the coffee. Now, head into the living room and find a series of good inspiring girl flicks as you chill all day.

I like "13 Going on 30," "Devil Wears Prada," "Under the Tuscan Sun," "The Other Woman," and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." 

Take the coffee outside. Listen to the birds. Stare off into the horizon and daydream a while. I like to daydream about warm beaches and vacations where I don't have to cook or clean. 

Inspect the garden 
Blow bubbles
Do more stretches
Swing from the limb of a tree
Pull your chair out into the yard and study the clouds
Pull out a sketch pad and draw
Walk barefoot in the grass

Be sure to have a pitcher of spa water on hand - sliced cumbers and lemons. Drink the whole pitcher throughout the day. 

Have nibbles on-hand rather than full meals. Some things to consider on the plate - 

hunk of french bread
grainy mustard
apple slices
green beans
dark chocolates
spicy pickles

Some music in the background can make your day - 

Time outdoors is priority, as well. A little sun on the face. While you're doing that, soak your feet in a bucket of water and apple cider vinegar. When done, rub them with a good food cream.

After lotioning, put on socks or how about some spa slippers?

Paint your toenails a happy sandal-wearing color for the warm season - 

When it's time for a bath or shower, consider a good body scrub to feel all new. I love this one for the coconut scent and moisturizing-

Follow that with a super moisturizing coconut-lime scented lotion -

Continuing with the benefits of coconut - a good facial scrub for a new shiny face.


Go for a good face mask to clean and tighten pores -

Follow-up the facial scrubbing with a fantastic lotion. 

Do not lift a finger. Take a nap. Make a tall drink with lots of ice. Get some warm sun on your face. Take care of your skin. Watch lighthearted beachy chick flicks. Flip through a fashion magazine or catalog. Play dressups in your closet. Watch YouTube for new makeup advice.