Noftsger Hill Inn, Globe, Arizona

Post by Sharon

Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, Arizona is my single favorite Bed and Breakfast in the state of Arizona.

I was lucky to join my paranormal investigation team in a session for testing some experimental methods. We rented the entire inn for the night and set up over a dozen cameras and recording devices in this old retired schoolhouse in a mining town and proceeded to test out some new concepts for experiments to learn more about phenomena. I outlined some of these tests in a post - here -

Rosalie, the proprietress and gracious hostess, puts on a delicious breakfast spread in the formal dining room in the morning and takes her role as keeper of an historic building seriously. It is gorgeously appointed with antiques, cared for with great loving hands, and even the gardens are tended to with the soul of an artist. The location, atop a hill, has panoramic views of this mining town and distant mountains.

Over the years, I've stayed in room 3 a few times, each time finding odd happenings and tantalizing haunting features that were reminiscent of my childhood. I've wanted to do a real study of the place and was thrilled that my team assembled the best layout possible to capture anything. Now, as our team reviews evidence, we can recount some interesting happenings, from the shadowy shape of a curious child and adult female to being touched and hearing voices.

Feng Shui Note

Experiment -

I talk about Feng Shui in terms of hauntings and there is a component of room construction and layout of its items, amount of lighting, crowding, and pathways for energy to flow. When we went on our study, I stopped in a room and felt so much energy running through me that it was like a tangled knot. I looked around me to find a huge dressing mirror in one corner, turned and it faced a mirror over a headboard that faced another mirror at the wall where the footboard was. This traid created a bounce. In the middle of the meeting of mirrors, chi energy in the room, bounces off each surface and creates a spot where the mirrors face each other and if this is in your home, that is likely a seat no one wants to sit in but nobody understands why. That's a lot of energy, constantly flowing.  In a ghost hunt, this is an ideal spot for an EVP session or even a seance or ouija, but for a person living there, it's hard to rest or relax. To learn more about these principles - look at the book "Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghostbuster" she did a good job describing chi movement and spirit activity.

This amazing breakfast included orange juice, water, coffee, tea, with a Mexican egg/tortilla casserole, turkey cheddar sausages, fresh fruit, caramel french toast (best thing in the universe) and fresh nut bread.

If you're wondering what to do while in Globe, my favorite thing is antiquing. They also have a gorgeous intact Indian site with botanical gardens called "Besh-Ba-Gowah."