Simple Pleasures: Bath Time

Post by Sharon

Ah, the sound of running water, the humidity in the air, the steamy warmth... a bath is an ultimate indulgence and a sentimental happy place.

For your happy retro bath time ----

Do you want bubbles? Or perhaps Calgon? 

How about the soap that floats? 


A good bath pillow elevates the experience and the time you can just lounge comfortably. 

Here's some cool ideas I do -  

When you are at the end of the bath time and it's draining, take a mixture of fresh coffee grinds mixed with coconut oil and rub it all over your body to exfoliate. Turn on the shower and rinse down. If you like, use a mix of sugar with a tiny bit of green tea instead.

Get a big bag of Epsom salts at the drugstore and mix them with essential oil mixes and put in mason jars. I like to keep ones with a summery coconut/fruit scent, a spicy winter masculine scent with patachouli and sandalwood, and a lavendar scent to feel rested. My mix is usually 2 cups of salts to 15 drops of oil. Shake it up. I use about 1/2 c. salts per bath time. If you want it to be more hydrating, add some coconut oil under the running water with the salt mix in the tub.

For a healthy zap - I might add powdered ginger or grated ginger to the tub and squeeze a half a lemon in.

Simply put 10 green tea bags in the tub. This one always works, smells good, and feels so relaxing.

And, don't forget your soothing music.

Shhhhhh  (whispers) make a do-not-disturb sign, light some candles....