Simple Pleasures: Bike Riding For All

Post by Julie

When I was a kid, I loved riding my bike all over the place. I would feel the wind in my hair as I cruised through the neighborhoods near my house. 

Many times I would ride with friends. We would go to each other’s houses, a park, or to the public pool. 

Either way, it gave me that sense of independence and a chance to show off my bike. My bike was cool with tassels hanging from the handle bars, a banana seat and small basket to hold my stuff. I was proud of that bike.

I never had a small bike to learn on. Mine was 16 inches, thin tires, with an uncomfortable seat. There were no speeds or hand brakes on my first bike. 

My Mom often told me that I would get on, fall, and get on again. I was stubborn and wasn’t going to let this bike get the best of me. I finally stayed on and rode that sucker all the way down the street. 

Victory was mine! 

We didn’t wear helmets back in the 60’s and 70’s, but did have our fair share of bruises.

Even back then, people would ride with their families for exercise or just fun. You would see bikes of all sizes cruising in a row like you do now. Families still bike together wearing helmets, going to parks, and enjoying time collectively. Some people ride bikes for exercise or competition. You can tell who is riding for fun or a serious biker.

Bikes have changed since I was a kid. They have bikes for every activity. You can get 10 speeds, mountain bikes, street bikes, dirt bikes, 3 wheel trikes, big bikes, and tiny bikes for the little ones in your family. I love bike riding so it made sense that I would buy one after moving to a 55 and older community. I see many of my fellow neighbors riding their bikes and enjoying it.

When I first decided to ride a bike again, I was looking at the adult trikes. I thought how cool it would be to ride one of those. I went to my local store all set to buy one, but when I got there, I changed my mind. I didn’t want a 10 speed, just a simple bike to ride. 

I ended up with a 14 inch purple Huffy bike with wide tires, basket in front, wide padded seat, cup holder, smart phone slot, and rear storage rack. This bike is perfect for me and my short legs. I also bought a helmet to go with it. I love riding my bike around the neighborhoods where I live. Unfortunately, I haven’t rode it as much as I should, but working to do better. So basically, you are never too young or old to enjoy riding a bike to wherever it takes you.

Here's some possibilities - 

Beach Cruiser - LINK
These are ideal for just puttering around and easy to carry a basket and put items in it. 

Road Bike - LINK
This one is really great for both athletic training, riding on the street, and also long distances.

Mountain bike - LINK
This one is for off-road trails, mountain bike paths, and dirt.