Simple Pleasures: Crayons and Chalk

Post by Sharon

You can't get more simple pleasures than coloring, whether it's crayons, chalk or colored pencils, it's a mind relaxer and creative inspirer.

They have some great coloring pages you can just print out from online, making it possible to pick and choose your subjects. 

Consider this fun hippie pages site's offerings if you like to use pencils as it's pretty detailed - 

If you love the old-time feel of using crayons, there's some great printable pages out there - 

If you want to take it outdoors, consider chalk - 

Don't be intimidated by street art. There are simple quirky things you can do on your own patio - to hose down later. Or a message you can leave in the driveway to surprise your loved one.

My policy - play for the day and wash it away!

Remember what it's like to get lost in the coloring of your world.