Simple Pleasures: Drive-in Theaters

Post by Julie

One of my fondest memories is going to the drive-in with my family and friends. Depending on the time of year, we would bring blankets, pillows, chairs and be in our pajamas. We would hit the playground and play before the movies begun. You would get to watch at least two movies, sometimes three. Many times the speaker didn’t work, so we just moved to another spot to get a decent one. We would stock up on junk at the concession stand or would pull out the cooler and goodies we brought with us. We would sit outside our cars or in the bed of our trucks and watch the movies. I have great memories of watching movies at drive-in theaters.

The Glendale 9, in Arizona, is one of many drive-ins retained by family owned West Wind. They opened their first drive-in theater in 1952. The Glendale 9 has nine screens, a circular snack bar and a small playground next to it. The snack bar not only has the best food and drinks, but has a game-filled arcade. Today, the theaters can boast the greatest digital projectors, crystal-clear digital image on screens and audio that works with your car’s stereo. No more hazy screens and “squawk boxes” that hung on your car’s door.

Many families are opting to stay home turning drive-ins into backyard family theaters. With a large screen and your computer, you can watch just about anything you want. You can set up cushions, blankets, pillows and furniture to make it a comfortable place to watch a movie. Some people are watching movies while floating in their swimming pools. This is a great idea for those hot summer nights.

Backyard Theater

Considering making your own drive-in in your backyard -

Projector - LINK

Projector Screen - LINK

Popcorn machine - LINK