Simple Pleasures: Exploring Outdoors

Post by Sharon

You want something that will renew your spirit and give you activity as well as artistic inspiration and lots of options for gardening and crafts? Look no further than the great outdoors!

Start with breakfast outside. See the morning world. 

If you want to run into wildlife, usually dawn and dusk are best. But, look closely. There are birds, but if you study the plants, you find lady bugs, bees, and other critters.

Get a real zoom on things and see what you can do with birds on a tree branch, flowers with dew, ant hills, bees, butterflies, and other industrious critters in the garden.

Take advantage of back-lighting from sunrise and sunset. What can you see through? 

Did it just rain or did you just water the garden? 

How about traces of wildlife? 

Don't forget your planted veggie garden or flower beds - 

Even textures can be beautiful - 

Don't forget your sky - 

Be whimsical and don't miss noticing every detail out there  -

Consider taking out your journal and writing in it, listening to the birds, planting seeds, putting your face up to the sun, picking a bouquet.