Simple Pleasures: Johnny Bones

Post by Julie

You are probably wondering who Johnny Bones is and why is he a simple pleasure. 

Sharon and I met Johnny Bones on the streets of Tombstone AZ where he entertains the visitors in his own quirky way. You can not miss the man is the colorful outfit with tambourines on his knees and bones in his hand. 

When the music plays, the fun begins. He dances with such energy while his fingers tap the bones to the beat of the music. He does this because he loves it and for no other reason. 

He lives off his tips in a tiny place near the main drag of Tombstone. He is living life on his own terms.

He didn't always entertain at Tombstone. He had a nine-to-five job like many of us. The stress was too much so he taught himself to play bones. 

I know, what an unusual thing to play, but he is really good at it. He says it takes a certain skill and took him a long time to get good at playing them. 

One day, he packed his bones and a few other items and headed to Tombstone. 

I am sure there is more to the story, but this is what he told us. He decided that his life was more than a stressful job and enjoys the simple pleasures of making people happy by playing his bones. 

His choice is not for everyone. 

Look to what makes you happy and don't let anything stop you from achieving pure joy.