Simple Pleasures: Popsicles

Post by Sharon

As we continue our series on simple pleasures, there is nothing more nostalgic and summertime than popsicles.

Popsicle form - LINK

I remember as a kid making popsicles with paper cups and wooden popsicle sticks or even putting the juice into an ice cube tray with toothpicks.

The molds are so divine!

My very favorite was the Bomb Pop. I'd chase the ice cream man for those. 

I remember my mom getting a box of popsicles when we had sore throats. They came with two sticks and you could snap them in half and eat each half.

Making popsicles this summer can be so fun. I am up for all kinds of craziness. I've made them with ginger root grated and ginger ale. I've made them with lemonade and some lemon zest. I like having unusual things inside the popsicles like frozen berries or even mint leaves. I've done Thai iced tea or yogurt pops.

Take Greek yogurt and mix it with your fruit, just enough to get the fruit throughout. 

For an adult popsicle - I love Dirty Pirate pops - a mix of Coke, Rum and Kahlua. Ahhhhh

There is something about the bright fruity colors - ahhhh....

I even make "healthy" ones with raw honey, citrus, ginger root, berries, and cilantro.

Try this - your favorite coffee drink with creamer into a popsicle!