Simple Pleasures: Road Trip to Nowhere

Post by Sharon

With gas prices ridiculously low and people having been pent up for a long time, the idea of getting in the car and driving and seeing new scenery sounds pretty good about now.

I suggest you pack a great picnic, hit the road, but do not plan where you are going. Be sure you have a good cell phone map system in case you really do get lost.

If you are toting the grandkids, consider giving them turns to tell you when to turn right or left. Just amble. Be curious what's down a roadway and take it! 

Be sure you load your cell battery and curiously follow your gut.

Some of the best road trips I ever took, led me to odd things like towns I never knew existed, abandoned places worthy of lots of photography, a quiet river with no one around....

Don't be afraid to do u-turns if something inside you said "what was that?" 

Get out and inspect. The best way to lay down a memory is to smell it, feel it, get in the middle of it until your memories, mind, mood, body all take it in and form an "atmosphere." Henceforth, if you go into the lush springtime forest after a rain and smell rotting wood - BOOM - you're back there in your mind.

You'll absolutely want to get out of your city and into outlying areas or even across the state to a region you don't know well or at all. It can be fun to let the others in the car look up the town as you cross into it and find out what's population is, what it's known for and the like.

Here's some of my favorite take-alongs

These are a dream for grandkids or even just to store things you need but don't want to clutter the front seat with like Kleenex, lip balm, sunblock....

Breathable lumbar supports

Charger for phones/devices

Cooler with ice packs - this is also good to have on hand if you have to take something to a pot luck or family get together. Also, fantastic for games and picnics. 

Have a safe and memorable getaway to nowhere!