Simple Pleasures: Swimming Holes

Post by Sharon 

Maybe there was a creek or river you enjoyed splashing in as a kid, perhaps a rock quarry filled with water. Maybe some brave soul tied up a rope with a knot and gave you a way to launch yourself into the cool water. These are the simple pleasures that make hours of fun and years of memories.

It might be time to revisit this place of shadowy, cool getaway and frolocking fun. Bring friends or family. Bring a picnic basket!

Here's some good water holes around the country - 

Havasu Falls, Arizona or Slide Rock, Arizona
Sliding Rock, North Carolina
Dorset Quarry, Vermont
Falling Water Falls, Arkansas
Hamilton Pool, Texas
Cummins Falls, Tennessee
Johnson's Shut-ins, Missouri
Opal Pool, Oregon
The Grotto, Ontario

What to bring? 

Sneakers you can get wet in case you are in rocky waters or water shoes. I like these - 

Extra towels and change of clothing
Plenty of water or Gatorade
A length of good strong rope
Sunblock - I love this one because it's a spray and easy to use - 

Consider wearing jean cut-off shorts - make some! Wear a tee you can splash in the water in. It's the 1970s again!

Any floats you want to lounge on - I like this one as there is less inflation involved.

How about a cooler and some ice blocks?  I own these and love them for road trips and treks to the park - 

Be sure to record your fun for memories. I have this Coolpix camera that is waterproof and can go underwater to film. I've even thrown it out my car window and it works fantastic! 

Road trip roll-ups
I love making these for road trips or day treks. Fill a tortilla with turkey lunch meat, cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce, grated carrot and buffalo sauce. Roll it up and wrap in tin foil. 

Remember, it's a lazy day by the water. Consider some real mood music like Credence Clearwater Revival or perhaps the Eagles. 

And, no crazy stunts - be safe!