Simple Pleasures: Water Play!

Post by Sharon

Other than my garden, water is my favorite happy diversion. And, I will take it any way it comes - snow, ice, rain, lake, ocean, stream, bathtub, swimming pool or water balloons, kiddie pools, sprinklers, water guns....

If you want to add something memorable to your relationship, your time with the grandkids, or your best friends, water play is such a cool way to bring back the kid inside.


It's as simple as hooking up a hose and the fun can last for hours! I like to put my sprinkler in a part of the yard where I need to water anyways. Because I'm in a very strong sun state (Arizona) and a pale redhead, I tend to put them on at twilight or after dark. 

A little time in the pretend rain is fun. Jump in and invite others to join. Keep towels on the patio ready to pat down afterward and laugh about the antics.


There's kiddie pools that are hard to get in and out of and only wet your thighs, and then there are fun sized ones you could put on the patio and be out of the direct sunlight, enjoy a true cooling off and even invite in friends. This one above is 95" x 56" x 2'2". Ahhhh

Consider a cooler with drinks nearby, some reggae music, and some time to lay back with loved ones and pretend you're in the Caribbean. 

I love setting one up under the moonlight for evening dips!



There is nothing quite as childish but fun than a water balloon battle. These ones are fun. You can fill up tons of them with a hose and then pull off and they seal. Can fill buckets with them.



Water guns have gotten a bit more sophisticated since we were kids, but still super fun. Get a set of two and enjoy a little shoot out!

Whatever you do with water to cool down or play, enjoy being a kid again. Children didn't corner the market on playfulness. That should be a life-long trait!