The Meanings of Colors and Flowers

Post by Sharon

We are well into springtime now and flowers abound. The earth goes from black and white with shades of gray to every color imaginable. 

Have you ever wondered what colors do for our psyche? What flowers represent? Let's have a fun look. 

Colors can be both positive and negative, depending on how they are handled.

RED:  Dangerous, passionate, excited, and energetic.
GREEN: Vitality, prestige, wealth.
YELLOW: Optimism, cheerful, playfulness, happiness.
BLUE:  Communicative, calm, trustworthy, depressed.
WHITE:  Innocense, purity, simplicity.
ORANGE:  Youthful, creative, adventurous.
BROWN: Organic, wholesome, simple.
PURPLE: Royal, majestic.
PINK: Sentimental, romantic, feminine. 

In the flower world, they are thought to represent different meanings. Here's some popular ones - 

BIRD OF PARADISE: Joyfulness and magnificence. 
CALLA LILY: Magnificence and beauty.
CARNATION: Pride and beauty.
DAFFODIL: Regard and chivalry. 
DAISY: Innocense and purity.
HYDRANGEA: Heartfelt emotions.
IRIS: Eloquence.
ORCHID: Exotic beauty.
PEONY: Bashfulness and compassion.
ROSE: Love.
SUNFLOWER: Pure thoughts.
TULIP: Declaration of love.

My favorite flower?

Surround yourself with color and flowers and springtime becomes even more magical.