Tiny Homes on Amazon - Guest House, Home Office, She Shed... Endless Possibilities

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Post by Sharon

A fun project on a plot of land in the backyard. Tiny homes are the rage for young folks and retirees who want to put their home where they have the best view and lead a simplified life. But, tiny homes are so much more than a potential abode. 

Here's some ideas - 

In your backyard, one could be a future easy to maintain home in your older years with the ability to rent out the main house.

How about a she shed? A little plant-filled getaway for a woman who has had to share a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and really needs a retreat.

A tiny home in the yard can also be a great place for guests or in-laws' suite. They can have some privacy (and you too).

A tiny home is a great idea for a possible pool cabana, a changing room, a place to shower. 

A tiny home can be a home office for those who work from home or possibly have an online shop so the home isn't cluttered with boxes and inventory.

A tiny home can be a place to put the college kid so there is independence and yet no bills so he/she can focus on grades.

A tiny home can be an artist's studio. 

A tiny home can be a media room. 

A tiny home can be a hunting/fishing cabin.

A tiny home could be a grandkids' dream play house.

With a great plot of land, a tiny house can be an amazing getaway cabin! 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Here's just some cool finds on Amazon.  

What a fun project for a couple to test their skills together and make something their own - decorating it as they wish, and making it totally their own. 

This container house would be ideal 
for an artist!

at 1376 sqft, this is a dream cabin!

This little one is an ideal garden house
Imagine a summertime nap inside

This one begs to be a summer home 
on a sweet piece of land.

artist or gardener? This is a dream!

It's tiny, but it comes with off-grid technology

This one is fire resistant

Here's your fishing/hunting cabin

This container house has solar energy!

at 1400 sqft, it might be time to get a 
large private lot and build this one for your home!

Tiny homes fill a lot of needs to simplify, to retreat, to accommodate.