Backyard Camping: Staycations Are Here to Stay!

We are generally housebound for some time, but those with homes are going into the backyard a lot more than they used to. Perhaps it's just summertime or restlessness, but there is a lot of real estate you could turn into a getaway retreat. Whether the dreaded "plague" comes back around in the fall/winter or not, we've learned that home is where the heart is.
Let's start with the idea of erecting a glamping tent. This location can be filled with mattresses or simple cushions and pillows, draped with Christmas lights and utilized as a nappy place, a camping place, a romantic evening location, even a place to project movies inside and make it a family or couple's night.

There are she sheds and man caves, but how about a WE TENT? 

Other outdoor features to consider to amp up the outdoor times include a jacuzzi, solar lights, a fountain, a telescope, and a fire pit* (*on the other side of the yard away from tent).

Keep the kids home to have sleepovers in the yard, the cool spot to hang. Bring your wife or girlfriend into the tent with some take-out cartons of Chinese food, warm sake, and lovely music. Make it a camp out place on warm nights or bundling sleep on chilly nights. 

If you have an adventurous nerdy family, use the telescope, look for UFOs and tell scary campfire tales.

With every bad time, there is something good gained or learned. During the global lockdown, folks are refocusing on home and family. That is always a good thing. Continue the pattern long after lockdown and spend more time on staycations where you can spend the bucks on building up the backyard resort or getting gourmet catered food instead of paying for travel, hotel rooms, restaurants, and park passes. 

2020 - the summer of home!