Growing Succulents

Post by Sharon

With houseplants making a huge popular run among citizens, succulents have been a newly-rediscovered item that is great for those who do not have green thumbs. The colors and shapes are so beautiful, they are more like accessories or flowers than plants.

These beautiful plants are a bit different than houseplants that can handle lower light levels. These gems are used to desert sunlight 12 hours a day. 

Pick the sunniest south-facing window you can if you're growing indoors. 

We here in Groovy New Life live in the Sonoran desert - the very climate they come from. We get 9 inches of rain a year. These succulents are built to channel rain right to the heart of them when it's available. As water patterns here mean fewer rain events, but heavier rainfall, flood the plant as if a monsoon storm came. Then, let it dry out completely. Make sure it's bone dry before you flood again. Do not just trickle water on it. 

A soil mix with perlite is best, as it's more like the sandy draining soils of the Southwest. 

They are cute when crowded together, but it also promotes mold and other issues, so be sure to expand their space when needed. Either in individual pots or a large bowl that they can be spaced out happily. 

Terra Cotta pots are cheap and they give a definite southwest vibe in a grouping. 

We wholeheartedly advise the growing of succulents. You can find them in most home building store's outdoor and sometimes indoor garden sections.