Macramé: The Hottest Trend Again!

Post by Julie

In the 80’s when macramé was popular, I made many and had them all over my house. I love creating different pieces to fit the area I wanted to put it in. I made wall and planter hangings, from simple to fancy. My biggest endeavor was a round glass end table with a planter on top. That took me a long time but the end project was amazing. I wish I would have kept that one, but alas I gave it away.

Now it is over 30 years later and I am making them again. I have only made one so far, but it is the first of many. I am hoping to eventually sell them in our GNL Etsy shop. 

( I have a plant that is growing like crazy and some of the branches were growing towards the floor. Since I have a 4 ½ month old puppy that chews on just about everything, I needed to rescue my plant. I had a plan to take a piece of driftwood I found in the desert and have the macramé come down from that. I decided that my first macramé would be simple and later on I can get more elaborate.

I really like the way it turned out. I decided to add a ring to the macramé just for design purposes. I hung it in front of my window, add a couple of s-hooks, took the two longest branches, and attached them to the s-hooks. It worked out great and I like the look of it.

You can find many how-to books on and videos showing you step by step how to work the knots and create your own designs. Macramé’s look great in every room.

My macrame station.

Here are some of the amazon how-to books I ordered and supplies:

You can also check YouTube for many how to make macrame items:

If you don't want to make a macrame, there are plenty on to buy.  Macrame is making a HUGE comeback with the bohemian and minimalist styles that are the hottest thing these days. As baby boomers, we also enjoy the flashback memories.