Making Denim Feathers

Post by Julie

I am one who likes to try many different crafts until I find one I particularly like. In the 1980's when macrames were popular, I made many for my home and friends. I got very good at whipping them up and making them fast. I did mostly plant holders, a few wall hangings, and my biggest one was a planter/end table combo. The table was a piece of round glass I had made to fit to size.

Here it is over 30 years later and I am once again trying my hand at macrame. I got books and watched YouTube videos to refresh my memory on how the knots worked. I made a small one with a couple of simple knots and picked it up fast.

Now I want to try something more like adding feathers and denim to my macrame. I saw people making denim feathers and loved the look of them. I wasn't sure if they would be easy to make, but they were. I found out that the way you lay out the pattern is what color the feather turns out. 

TIP:  If you lay it vertical with the pant leg, the feathers will be white. If you lay the patterns horizontal on the pant leg, then the feathers will be the color of the denim. I think the denim fits perfectly with the style of our Groovy New Life look.

I downloaded the pattern from Pinterest.

I chose macrame cord for the center of the feathers. You can choose any material that will fit your project.

I found that a hot glue gun was the best way to add the cord. Other methods were too messy.

You start by peeling away the layers of string, one by one. It is faster than you think.

I found that a sharp tool works faster than your fingers.

I love the end results.