My Favorite Fashion Trends for 2020

Post by Sharon

I found my bliss with bohemian look back in trend, but I see some trends toward more fancy fabrics (aka high maintenance and expensive like leather and silk). Although I'm not jiving with that, I have found some aspects of 2020 fashion that I appreciate.

Bermuda Shorts

Although the push from designers was to turn Bermuda shorts into weird fabrics like leather and silk, thank goodness there is a crop of this length short available. I am blessed with legs that can handle the shorter shorts, but I've noticed over the past several years that there are fewer shorts in the stores and the look of short shorts seems rather outdated and weird. Bermudas are such a lovely look on all figures.


Because my look is unstructured and I never took to polos when I was younger and they were in style, they aren't a hit with me, but I do like how polos look on people. 

Butter Yellow

I waited forever for butter yellow to come back. It is my single best color! It really looks good on everyone.

Mid-rise to High-rise pants

Wow, finally clothing manufacturers caught on that no one wanted to have butt cracks hanging out and showing off thongs like the 1990s!


Nothing says bohemian more than crochet and nothing says 1970s more either. Crochet purses, bikinis, tops, sundresses.... Just so happy to see them again!

Some fashions they need to get rid of forever, as even the most rail-thin woman looks bad in them.

low-rise pants
cap sleeves
clingy synthetic tees
skirts and pants with pleats 
gauze gypsy skirts