Terra Cotta Pot Crafts

Post by Sharon

Simple terra cotta pots are very inextensive and have the potential to give you tons of decorating possibilities. 

In the photo above, someone painted river rocks like cacti and placed them in the pot.

Painting mosaics, patterns, textures on the pot is the simplest way to elevate its look.

Above - adorable table toppers.
Below - adorable little garden planters.

Above - with some river rocks, you can put together a fountain - INSTRUCTIONS

With some glass "jewels" you can make a mosaic.

Above - garden sculpture

Below - someone held one up on some boards to be a "shade" on a candle.

How about smores in a pot in the summertime so you don't have to do a big bonfire?  INSTRUCTIONS

How about holders for pens? utensils? hair brushes? 

This (above) terra cotta pot and drainage dish combined with a glass bowl becomes magic.

You can age the terra cotta pot with baking soda - INSTRUCTIONS

*And don't forget, if they break, put the pieces into a towel and whak with a hammer to break into more pieces and use at the bottom of your pots you plant in, great drainage!