The Color Aquamarine

Post by Sharon

Today, we explore the first color for this week's colors that GroovyNewLife loves. One of our top favorites is aquamarine.

Aquamarine is one of those colors that has a serene effect on people. It is the color of water and icebergs. 

The stone aquamarine is the birthstone for those born in March. It is said to help calm fears and phobias. It is a stone of courage and protection. It is especially good for those who shy away from or are overwhelmed by verbal communication, such as public speaking.

Let's explore ways to bring aquamarine into your life - 

At GroovyNewLife, Julie and I love aquamarine. It is one of our most utilized colors because it can be wintry ice or summery sea. The color is also good on anyone's coloring. Just a bit of this color in your wardrobe or home and you feel like you're on vacay, refreshed, and upbeat.

The mining of aquamarine stone is done at high elevations. Here's an amazing American family that mines it in Colorado. Fascinating!

If aquamarine had a sound, perhaps it's this -