The Color Daffodil

Post by Sharon

Utilizing colored glasses while relaxing or bathing, one can really get their healing on. Yellow is associated with helping seasonal affective disorder for those who live in wintry or dark places. It's associated with confidence, courage and abundance. It is good for memory and concentration. It's great for intelligence, self-esteem, and overall confidence.

Daffodil yellow is one of those colors - it makes you smile. It's butter and sunflowers! This is a very energetic and upbeat color. If you are trying to lose weight, yellow might be a good metabolic friend to have around and the color summerizes your life in perpetual sunshine. 

You don't have to yellow your entire life, but adding some to the rooms in your home has an amazing effect on happiness.

Spend some relaxing time with the goggles on to get your yellow therapy!

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