The Color Lime

Post by Sharon

Another day, another favorite color of GroovyNewLife - lime! Your mouth waters just seeing it. 

The use of colored healing glasses is a wonderful choice for health. Wearing them while relaxing, perhaps soaking in the tub can help you to gain some qualities of that color's healing capabilities. These glasses will enhance connection to earth and nature. It is soothing for the mind and body. It is about balance, growth, and renewal. 

Healing colored glasses

Let's explore some ways lime is a happy, energetic, and zippy color that makes us smile! Paired with any color, it always makes the combo better. The hottest trend the past several years has been turquoise and lime together, but it looks magical with its opposite - purple, with sunny yellow, and with red.

Want to add lime to your life - here's some of its energy expressed. Even a bit of it in your life is going to unify everyone with feel-good vibes and memories of fresh cut grass, margaritas, and springtime.

Lime Sparkling Water - LINK

Men's Board Shorts - LINK

Sun Hat - LINK

Lime Chair - LINK

Dish Towels - LINK

Rug - LINK

Sundress - LINK