The Color Watermelon

Post by Sharon

Today, GroovyNewLife's favorite colors collection covers watermelon!

Wearing colored glasses while relaxing or bathing in the tub, you get some time with this powerful color. This color is associated with universal love. It's about harmony and peace. It is calming and relaxing. 

Everyone loves this color as it's happy and not as intense as red and not as girlie as pink, but it exudes imagery of fruit punch, juicy watermelon, and kissable lips. 

Healing color glasses

Let's have some fun with ways to put this inspirational color into your life - 

Watermelon flavor antioxidant drink - LINK

Doormat - LINK

Watermelon-colored lipstick - LINK

Pumps - LINK

Tee - LINK

Pillow covers - LINK

Metal Wall Hanging - LINK

Swimsuit - LINK

Beach Tote - LINK

Nail Polish - LINK