Timeless Fashion: Female Style Icons of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s

Post by Sharon

There is something about good style that translates over time and taste. We can tell cheap, even if it's top designer pieces worn by the wealthy, when the wearer lacks the sophistication and attitude to keep it elevated and bring it down to their level.

A fine example of this is a current "style maven," Kim Kardashian.

The whole idea of fashion in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s was about elevated a female to a status of admiration, sophistication, worldliness. Today, it seems to be dictated by cheap and easy, sloppy and entirely lacking in self-esteem. It rather drags women down to the components they think are most attractive to others - their bodies. 

It seems with idols lacking intelligent contribution, vapid and self-centered such as the Kardashian family, along with women picketing dressed as vaginas, and insane and angry displays like Ashley Judd are setting women back so very far.  They want a female president, but they don't value intelligence. They are focused on weight, line fillers, botox, and being influencers with adoring fans. Of course, this is ideal for another time to discuss.

For now, we ponder where our style went. Here's some style icons from the 50s, 60s and 70s who taught us how to have class and self-esteem. They comported themselves with grace, were kind to the public, and set a true example for young women of poise and resolve. 

Marilyn Monroe - so fun to dress up!

Elizabeth Taylor doing casual beautifully!

Grace Kelly - one of my faves! 

Audrey - the imp that pulled off simple

Jackie Kennedy - so classic

Nancy Sinatra - mod and fun!

Faye Dunaway - model confident

Twiggy - always hip but classic

Farrah - the sporty California girl 

You can see that these icons, even though the have a classic wardrobe, are not lacking personality. Their confidence carries over and makes you notice them, not the clothing. 

Look back at the women above and notice how your eyes end up on their face. They are beautiful, but they seem even more so. There is not plastic, sometimes a hat or scarf or great sunglasses to rock the look, but they know the clothes are all about them - not that they are all about the clothes. 

Now, look back at their clothing and see some very simple pieces to pull out for your own classic style and class. 

Here's some pieces you might consider - 


Black capri length leggings 

Black ballet flat shoes with fun details

Black crew neck knit top


White polo shirt 

white tennis skort 

Bright green cardigan 

Jackie Kennedy


Check out some classy movies to spark your note-taking and concepts. Here's some I recommend and some might be surprises, but watch the female leads - 

Rear Window - Favorite of all time!
Parent Trap (1961) - I love the twins' wardrobes
Funny Face
La Dolce Vita 
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Birds
Annie Hall