Turning Your Home Into a True Spa Getaway: Staycation Paradise

Post by Sharon

Let's consider the logistics of going to a spa. There is the travel, whether by car or the lengthy trouble of a 

Do you want to make some improvements that up the worth of your home? 

Or do you want easy solutions you can put away? 

Here's both options (low end and high end) - 


Portable Sauna - LINK
This says "I have a solution that I can use and put away"


Serious Sauna - LINK
This says "I am important enough to have this" while also increasing the value of my home. 

Beautiful skin? 

Facial cleansing brush to exfoliate. Economic, quick to use and easy to put away, but not as effective as dermatology device.


Diamond Microdermabrasion like the 
dermatologist's office - very smooth red carpet skin.

Jacuzzi soak? 

Easy to inflate and use, move where you want it, but not attractive and not permanent. 



A 5-person spa with a permanent enhancement to the worth of your home, attractive, inviting, and ready go rehab!

Sore muscles? 

These massage guns are very nice. Be careful though - it's easy to put it on too high a setting. If you take aspirin or blood thinners, be advised. Easy to put away and usually needs someone else controlling it so you can relax.


This is so seriously amazing that you might not be seen again. It's a commitment to overall body massages without the massage club expensive membership. Pays for itself in a couple years. 


Single serving magic bullet to whirl up your smoothie. This is effective but limited by one serving.


The Vitamix is professional grade, can make multiple and large-sized smoothies, and great in the kitchen for blending.

When I make smoothies, I keep peeled banana chunks in the freezer for a greek yogurt and honey banana peanut butter whirl. I also cut up things like apple chunks, berries, pineapple, spinach, grapes, kale, greens, celery, cucumber, ginger, cilantro, parsley, carrots and beets mixed up in single-serving freezer bags so I can whirl up a smoothie any time. 

Here's some other spa-like things to have around

terry robe

Yoga and pedicure sandals

Pedicure kit 

Face mask 

Spa Candle