Are You Brave Enough to Sleep Here?

A contest was offering a delightful tour of the French catacombs, dinner, a scary storytelling time, and then they leave you there to sleep....

You might have slept in a spooky place before, perhaps a seedy motel in a bad part of town, an arguing couple's home, a really old historic inn, but there are some places that would definitely not be sleep-friendly for most folks.

Cliff camping is a new rage (after bungee jumping lost its effect for adrenalin-jockeys). 

Fernwood Campground in Big Sur, California is said to be atop sacred Indian burial ground.

Aokihagara "Suicide Forest" Japan is the second most popular place to end a life. The forest is so thick with trees, no sunlight enters, no wind either. The place is oppressive, filled with relics left by those who went to kill themselves, and visitors report getting very lost and running into evil spirits.

In Peru, they offer a room with a view. If you are middle-aged with an overactive bladder or fear of heights, this could be terrifying.

Summertime brings horror-themed campout fun around the US like this one in LA.

Hotel Crypt in Maine offers you a chance to stay in a room in a stuffed pine coffin box, lots of horror movies to watch in a room in which a body remained for a hundred years before it was exhumed. 

In Latvia, you can stay at a horrifying hostel - an old retired prison. 

Garnet ghost town in Montana was looking for some folks who might want to live there, have your own cabin, food allowance and small paycheck to volunteer there. 

There are plenty of haunted woods, woods with Bigfoot activity, UFO sites, haunted spooklights areas, battlefields and abandoned cemeteries in the forests and abandoned buildings in the middle of nowhere that offer unusual thrills to sleep in. 

I guess it's not a question of if you can stay there, but if you can sleep there.