Artist Colony Beach Communities

Post by Sharon

Getaways can be relaxing, but typical tourist spots have partying crowds and the not-so-creative vibe. There is nothing more rewarding than finding a seaside town that houses creative thinkers and magical artists. It is inspiring for the soul. 

Here's two good ones in the US on the Eastern Seaboard and two good ones in the US Western seaboard. 


This charming town on the tip of Cape Cod has drawn artists for many decades. There are numerous galleries and showings of their work.

This waterfront town has many restaurants, caberets, nightclubs and shops to give the visitor plenty of excitement and the sunsets are truly amazing.

Playwrights and artists, and creative minds are drawn to this town. It is also considered a popular community for LGBTQ folks.


This is easily one of my favorite beaches of all time. It's not just the monolithic stones out in the water and the numerous sand dollars to be picked up, but the deep hillside with charming cottages where artists find inspiration.

Galleries and playhouses are often the standard in these artist communities, and Cannon Beach is no exception. If you aren't inspired to write a novel here, it's never going to happen.

There is a conservationist vibe on Cannon Beach, a community that has chilly water and often moody sky. It's an ideal sip a cup of coffee and write a play sort of spot.


This artists' colony is considered the second oldest artist cooperative in the country. With pine, cypress and the sea, this relaxing location is utter bliss and inspires some beautiful art.

Keeping a village-like vibe, they didn't name the streets, forcing the locals to congregate at the post office. No street signs, street lights, and no sidewalks outside of the downtown area.


Theater, museums, dance, art - whatever you enjoy, this beautiful seaside town offers it. They even have a museum for kids!

The riverwalk is lined with shops, restaurants, and galleries. It runs along Cape Fear River. 

Sometimes, a quiet seaside artist community is just the ticket to refresh your body, mind, and soul.