Creative Ways to Cool Down With Ice

Post by Sharon 

Ahhhh!  Enough of this heat! If you dream of shrinking down to a size that can float around on an ice cube in a glass of iced tea, then this post is for you. It's hot but you can get creative with cooling utilizing ice! Here's some fun ways to tide you over until cooler nights. 

Fun shaped ice cubes - 

Molds to make shot glasses out of ice - 

Mold to make ice luge to pour drinks down - with LED colored lights! - 

An icee maker - sure to be a hit with grandkids! -

Air cooler with ice tray (great for hot sunporch or office) - 

Snow cone/Shaved ice machine - 

Try the new cool cocktail favorite - sphere ice - 

Popsicle molds - 

An ice bucket - 

Even if you're not entertaining yet because of social distancing, I suggest an at home party with your significant other involving a mock ice bar setting.

Turn the air conditioning way down to a chilly temp (temporarily while you're having your one-on-one party). 

Put on some blue lights instead of white lights. 

Set up ice shot glasses, an ice luge, and big round ice cube balls. 

For music, I'd go north - like in Lapland or Iceland, or perhaps even some Mongolian throat singing - 

Take a chill pill and enjoy!