I Miss the 1960s! Bringing Back the 60s Style with Modern Update

(Julie's and my dark humor book)

Post by Sharon

Like any decade, we miss some things, other things we are glad are over. But, the 1960s brought with it a very pronounced kind of style that was popping, exciting, and even ethereal. 

Some of it is coming back and even you don't see it all in your stores or on people in the streets, let's reclaim some of the best aspects in a modern setting - 
If you liked Levis, here's the modern take - 

Levis, but with a skinny silhouette and some bleaching.

We had fringe on everything and it's back, but instead of an entire jacket, consider a purse - 

You liked go-go boots? 

Team up shorter white vinyl-looking boots with white textured hose.

Did you love your Jackie O large-framed sunglasses? Here's the modern version - 

Did you enjoy the teased hair and wiglets of the 60s? How about an update - the very popular fake braid? 

Instead of twiggies (drawn on eyelashes under the eyes), consider the new popular rage - fake lashes!

Ponchos were fun, but instead of looking like you're about to hold up a stagecoach, you might consider having fun with the ones they make for swimsuit coverups - 

A vest can seem dorky today and crochet can look overdone, but what if you combined the two for an updated vibe? 

Me enjoying some 60s vibes on a road trip

If you want to pick up on the feel of the 60s again in a modern setting, I highly suggest Free People shop.