Living the Tuscan Lifestyle

Post by Sharon

It's crazy how when someone says you can't do something, you suddenly want to do it so much. That kind of internal reverse psychology can drive one mad during COVID pandemic. Suddenly, a person who ignored taking a legitimate vacation is now dreaming about somewhere he can't go, like Tuscany, Italy.

As we aren't taking a trek right now to that beautiful countryside, let's take a virtual vacay. Let's experience a little dolce vita. 

There are some ways to take on aspects of Tuscan living to feel your senses slow down and appreciate life. These folks now how to savor life!

How about some fresh-cut flowers in a vase on your counter and some candles? Eat your meals by candlelight. Be slow. Have a great conversation. Stir with a wooden spoon.

Some things to keep in the larder - 

coffee grinder - good quality beans and a true coffee experience.

Italian bread, olive oil, olives, garlic, good cheeses like gouda and parmigiano, proscuitto, grapes, wine, pesto, pepperoni sticks, grapes, sardines, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, rice, artichoke hearts, fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, dark chocolate....

You might consider something like taking those ingredients you stocked up on for emergency hoarding and make homemade pasta!

Shift your focus on the back patio and the kitchen.

Walk a park or botanical gardens if you can. Have a caprese sandwich - one of my faves!

Eat a lot of fresh produce as it's a huge part of the diet and ideal for summertime.

Need some movies to get into the mood?

Under the Tuscan Sun
Only You
Stealing Beauty
Lost in Florence
Shadows in the Sun

Get your artist's heart on. Try your hand with canvas or clay.

Remember, it's an art, not a science. You can do no wrong.

On a hot day, how about this spread for supper with a good Italian wine? 

Bruschetta is everyone's favorite and you can combine some pretty amazing things. Our favorite restaurant here in Phoenix is Postino. Here's some of their combos - 

brie, apple, fig spread
fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil
proscuitto, fig, marscapone
smoked salmon, pesto
warm artichoke spread
ricotta, dates, pistachio
salami, pesto

It's an attitude there. Warm sun. Grapes. Olive trees. Fresh herbs. Garden patio eating. 

With a lush growing area and great seasons, you can create that beautiful vibe at home. Bring the garden into the patio area - grow grapes, put down flagstones, and a long table for community eating with family "family style." Consider some wooden barrels with blooming seasonal flowers. 

Some pots with aromatic rosemary growing near the door is a wonderful way to invite folks. 

Walk everywhere. Take an afternoon nap. Keep quality cheese and bread around for snacks with some Italian wine. 

Save glass jars and store  things in them like lentils, rice, beans, pasta. 

Gelato maker? 

Fresh exercise outdoors, a garden with herbs, flowers, and grapes. Good strong coffee. Fine wine. Quality food in nibbles so you can socialize while feasting. Appreciation for fashion, art, and passionate love. 

If you can't go to Tuscany, have Tuscany come to you!