Mature Models: Full of Spirit, Grace and Confidence

Post by Sharon

Having modeled in my youth and entered beauty pageants and being mature now, I realize that I was not ready to model anything in my youth except for smooth skin and a really flat belly. 

The content simply wasn't there. 

I look back at me at that age and now and I realize - now I could kick ass as a model. The content is fully there and the confidence of who I am and daring others to have an issue with it. 

The fantastic movie "The Women" had Annette Benning's character approached by a Saks sales girl who pushed a product that was a facelift in a jar. Annette's character looked at her directly and said, "This is my face. Deal with it." 

This petite dynamo is the "accidental icon" and very popular on Instagram.

We have made many breakthroughs in the past decades with representing a variety of female ethnicities and unique traits, but the mature market was almost taboo. 

Age-ism in advertising is HUGE. 

We have youth touting wrinkle creams. It's absolutely ludicrous that they think we look at those smooth hormone-fed faces and not realize it has no application to us. 

Show us a mature woman with loads of confidence and vitality and our eyes don't see crinkles or crepy skin, we see a youthful vibe that we want!

One truly lucky thing is that gray hair is a super style rage with the youth and the mature. And, with baby boomers hitting that age range to recall the 60s, we are seeing a resurgence in women wanting to wear jeans again, bohemian style is the rage, and the timing is ideal for mature models.

Males have a HUGE advantage as mature models. There is something about the wisdom behind the eyes, the attitude of f-you, I'm not changing for anyone that is very attractive.

There are some amazing advantages to being a mature model. If you are living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a slender weight, the bone structure in your face is more clearly seen than the young models who still retain lots of "baby" fat in their face. You also aren't puffy and so the jaw angle and shoulders are beautifully captured in photographs. 

For most women, it's not that we want to be someone else when we look at a model, it's that we see our own potential. If I let my hair go gray...if I do yoga...if I keep my weight healthy...if I let my experience and wisdom show in confidence....

Part of growing older is just saying, "I am what I am. No apologies." 

And, often times we feel deflated by the ghosts of decisions we made or ailments, friends passing, and we don't find joy in the process of life, therefore no more smiling. Smiling is the single best way for youth to show on the face. When we see sour-faced mature people, we see someone unapproachable and unhappy. Resting bitch face for those over 50 is tired and hangdog.

Mature models feel ethereal, they look sure of who they are and all their experiences. 

For an example of how inept the youth are at being able to portray true content, here's some pics of me long ago and today.

When you really don't feel the rush to compete with others and desperately want to express your own energy - that's when maturity and beauty/fashion become truly charismatic!