New Trend: Isolation Vacation

Post by Sharon

It's been a weird year, to say the least, but one thing about the human spirit, it's hard to keep us down. Vacations were cancelled for many this summer and probably into fall and the Holiday Season if we can't stop the spread of the virus.

For this reason, many are considering isolation vacations.

Not having to deal with restaurants and crowded exposures, singles, families and couples are considering renting cabins and houseboats where they can make their own meals, bring their own groceries, and relax without having to mask up for cooties.

Lots of forest services offer ranger cabins in remote areas. They often times come with pots and pans and an outdoor toilet, but you need to bring pillows, sheets and towels. In some states, you can rent a fire tower lookout up above the trees.

A fishing cabin along a lake and a fishing pole is really all you need, maybe a portable hammock and some firewood and smores making yummies sounds like the ideal getaway. 

It's interesting to note that without taking a plane somewhere, waiting in an airport for hours, standing in line to be security inspected, pushing shoulder to shoulder with passengers, renting a car and wasting an entire day getting to the location, vacationers feel rested and relaxed. 

Finding out what is in good driving distance from you means rediscovering your own state. 

Hit the mountains, hit the lake, hit the shores, but rent an airBnb house, a cottage, or find an open campsite where you can cook your own food, don't need to dress up. 

If you're super lazy and don't want to cook, order from Uber, Door Dash or other foods apps. 

You can get a taste for the restaurants in the area and encourage their business by having it delivered or even ordering and eating in the car as many restaurants now take it out to you. 

Houseboats are another novel vacation idea you might not have considered before, but now the thought of a dive into the lake, being rocked to bed at night, and chilling on the water sounds real nice. 

Another option is to rent an RV

There is always the staycation in which you live in the house differently than the usual day-to-day. All work and cell phones are put away (unless you want to take vacation pictures). Favorite foods are stored in the fridge. The backyard becomes the nightly attraction. You provide massages, long bath salt soaks, happy music in the background, and fun cocktails. 

You don't have to write off the season because of the cooties. The critical thing is just getting time off and a change of scenery.