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ghost mirror I made

Post by Sharon

Julie and I spent the weekend crafting. We worked on polymer clay, macrame, bead work, all kinds of bohemian-vibed creations. 

We often enjoy watching crafters on YouTube who inspire us. Here's some of the ones we watch the most often - 

Justin is relatively new and Julie and I anxiously await each new creation. He uses a lot of Dollar Tree items and creates beautiful works. I love his style which has a bohemian vibe and includes black and tans and browns in ways that make his items look very much his style.

Tatia is absolutely stunning in her home decor, her clothing and accessories, and her creative bohemian works. She is definitely my #1 favorite as she embodies the very things she creates. You are taken into a chic bohemian high rise environment with a hostess who is style personified.

The Crafty Couple

This couple does creative crafts that are simple and their explanations are nicely detailed. We learn a lot from their shares. 

Do It On A Dime

This perky, smart and sweet lady does a great job of hosting how-to's and shopping at Dollar Tree, organizing, and making life easier at home. 

XO MaCenna

This adorable woman who reminds us of an Olsen Twin, is perky, sharp, and willing to show where crafting can go wrong and how to fix it. We love her thrift shopping and her makeovers and watch every single video many times!

In the Event With Karem 
She creates amazing Dollar Tree crafts for events. Very easy to follow!

Christine Kobzeff
Julie and I just love her channel. She is a minimalist in Tucson, with a passion for rocks and succulents. She shares how to have a serene simplistic vegan life among the rocks and cactus.