Owning the Night

Post by Sharon

Routines have people cleaning up the supper dishes, turning on the boob tube or hunkering down to the laptop in the evenings. 

But a whole world is happening outside, shrouded in mystery and ancient secrets, a whole universe of stars, night creatures, and cooler temps. 

Let's head outside and own the night (no sunblock necessary) - 

The first most obvious venture in the backyard is to lie back and watch stars. A futon is a great start and you just might nod off because you're so comfy. Perfect on a summer's night.

Gain knowledge of the stars and start sharing 

Sometimes, the most inviting thing is low light. Try some solar lights. They prepare during the day to give you soft light at night along garden paths.

Firefly lights - 

Summertime might bring on a tiki torch desire. Feed that desire - 

How about painting river rocks, murals, garden borders, planting pots with glow-in-the-dark paint?

Watch movies outside like having your own theater - 

Depending on your climate, consider a fire pit - a wonderful gathering place.

If you want to hit the walking paths without letting the world know you're alone in the forest with a light, try nightvision goggles. They are so cool! Of course, bring a flashlight for backup. 

And, if you really love the night and it's daytime, close the blinds and enjoy some movies really set in the dark - 

Darkness Falls
When the tooth fairy haunts kids, it gets dangerous in the dark. 
Pitch Black
A transport vehicle crashes on a planet with no light. 
The Haunting
A group stays in a haunted mansion to observe the ghosts. 
Alone in the Dark
A group of patients in a mental asylum think their new doctor killed their old doctors, so they break out to get him. 
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
A woman is tormented by tiny creatures that come out at night. 
Wait Until Dark
A blind woman is trapped in her apartment with a killer thief.