Photographing Summer Sunsets

Post by Sharon

It's summertime and we aren't out and about in droves at cafes and beaches, movie theaters and bars. So, what are we up to? Enjoying what God gave us - nature. 

Summer sunsets are fantastic. Even if you sit out and back and watch them or climb a hillside with your camera, it's picture-taking time. 

I have  few suggestions to give you truly creative and amazing sunset captures - 

Sunsets are like pretty women. We admire them and like to take pictures of them, but their radiance is more than a visual display, it affects everything around it. 

The two photos could have been done looking at the full-sunset, but why not capture them in a moment in time. The side view mirror and rear view mirrors on my car captured these sunsets. (Please, pull over to do this)

Other captures that are awesome are windows of buildings reflecting the colors and even sunglasses.

Sometimes, turning away from the sunset and capturing how it colors everything or even the expressions on others faces says more than the direct view.

When you're thinking of reflections, think of silhouettes too - 

Forced perspectives are great opportunities! Set the person up in the distance and you move around until it all aligns.

Sometimes, a good slant on things brings the entire scene into view - 

Don't forget that the clouds can create peek-a-boo with the sun, splay out the rays of it, create foam and watercolor smear.

It might be against your instincts, but turn and look eastward to see what setting sun is doing to the clouds. 

Sunsets are a magical time to capture color, but also mystery. Lift your camera and click!