Recreating a Mineral Spring at Home

Post by Sharon

I often talk about being thankful and adapting. With the COVID epidemic, many people are learning a lot about their lives that they never had the time to slow down and realize. They are also learning new skills in cooking, thrifting, and helping others.

But, for some who daydream about a getaway, it's in limbo until things turn. So, why not make your home a getaway? 

Let's talk today about turning your bathtub into a therapeutic mineral bath. 

Sure, you can sit in a tub with the right ingredients and it's nice, but you need a spa experience.


The lights need to go down. You can either consider a small light in the room that is not directly focused on you or flickering battery candles. 

If you want to get your serene chill on - consider wearing chromotherapy glasses in aqua.


An often overlooked element to relaxing, music can  transform and transport you.


A nice set of essential oils to toss some drops into the bath or in a diffuser is a great option. This set is all scents that help with anxiety and getting your chill factor on.

Scents like lavender, orange and rosemary are very soothing. I personally love frankincense as it smells like ozone - the scent of a waterfall or rain. 


If you want a raw experience, like the Dead Sea, consider using the Dead Sea mix including all the yuckies that contain dense minerals and salts. 

Here's a good mineral and Dead Sea salt mix with lavender - the scent to help you relax.

This one below is my very favorite. The scent is extremely good and relaxing.

And don't forget a fluffy robe and some magical lotion....