Top 10 Things You Should Do This Summer of Isolation

Post by Sharon

Ah, the summer of isolation. A total drag. But, it's no reason to cancel summer trends. Here's some fun things you need to do in isolation where it's safe.

1.  Make popsicles. You can use Gatorade, any juice you like, soda pop and rum, berries and yogurt.... There is nothing better to forage for in the freezer on a hot summer's day and eating a popsicle makes you gosh-darned happy. 

2.  Play in the water. Whether you have a pool available, a nearby stream, a lake, or a simple sprinkler, enjoy!

3.  See a movie. Summertime movie-watching is always a necessary escape. Major blockbusters come out. Now, sources like Amazon Prime are giving you the option to rent and watch new released films. Consider getting a projector and a simple sheet hanging outside and do a popcorn-munching movie marathon!

4.  Hit the road. Road trips shouldn't be off the table, but do them safely. Consider renting a cabin or simply doing a day trip with a packed picnic. This case (below) is the one Julie and I use on road trips.

5.  Highlight your hair. Remember the natural sun-streaks of our childhood? Consider putting in some highlights.

6.  Get a tan. Although I avoid the sun like the plague, you don't have to worry about burning if you use a spray on tan or a rub-in coloring kit. 

7. Picnic.  The standard watermelon, fried chicken, potato salad, and other wonders of summer picnics are great to pack up and take outdoors. If you want a twist on it, set up the blanket and pillows inside and do a romantic picnic. 

8.  Make something out of seashells. There is nothing that says summer and beach house more than something made of shells. There are great crafting videos online for seashell crafts and beach crafts. Consider just using some shells atop of your houseplant soil or spreading them across a table.

9.  Go barefoot. Grounding is good for you. Either walk in the grass or on the carpet. Most of us as we get older worry about cutting our feet and getting infections or have a tad of radiculopathy numbness, so I suggest the alternative - pool shoes instead of slippers around the house. 

10.  Virtual vacation. These can be done viewing drone videos on YouTube of places you'd like to be at, checking out webcams on beaches, or putting your photo into a setting you wish you were posing at. It is well known that simply visualizing clearly what you want helps prepare your body. Athletes can imagine doing their sport and their muscles actually show changes in preparation for the mind laying out the plan. Simply clearly imagining a vacation from your past and putting yourself there again is a great exercise that releases vacation hormones. 

Summer isn't lost. It's an attitude. It's the time when anything is possible!