What It's Like to Live Minimalist

Post by Sharon

Minimalism is a popular trend these days for a lot of good reasons. More people are concerned about repurposing items, not using plastic, simplifying their environment (and housework), and buying less "stuff." 

Here's what some minimalists have to say -

Some elements you find in a minimalist's home - 

Plants - lots of them, potted trees, hanging plants, crowded around a window. 

Good quality textiles - linen, textured bohemian pillows, real wood furnishings. With less possessions, the few furnishings and fabrics are made to feel luxurious and last. 

Monochromatic - the soothing spa-like feel of a monochromatic palette does the trick! It's about bringing your senses to a more calming center, less clutter, simplified, stuff stored out of sight, and open airy places.

Sunlight - Walls are often white, even devoid of art sometimes. The blinds are open, the sun pours in. Even the people inside look healthy and happy with natural light on them. 

Baskets - Instead of plastic bins, baskets of all types are used to store items in a natural way that looks like the forest, feels like home. 

The principals are simple, the effect is relaxing, the home becomes a haven to revive. And, the pocketbook is smiling.