When You Witness a UFO

Post by Sharon

At some point in your lifetime if you spend time outdoors, especially away from city lights, you are likely to witness something unknown in the sky. Living in the desert southwest, I have seen many types. I hope I can shed some light on how to be a good witness -

Keep your camera or cell phone near if you are outdoors at night. You never know!

Try to put something in the photo that gives point of reference for location or size, like a tree, building, etc.

Take note of things like
angle on the horizon

Reporting to MUFON is important because there can be others who saw this too or something similar and it shows patterns, helps people feel better about their own encounter, and gives new insight to your area's sightings.

This drawing above I did on Photoshop following a July 6, 2020 UFO encounter. 

Oddly this photo (zoom shot of it at the top of this post) was in the same place the orange rectangle light was, but they were about 14 months apart.

If you want to encounter a UFO, there are some tips to follow.

Get away from city lights and pick a clear-sky evening.

If you are in a group, consider bringing lounge chairs or folding chairs and sit in a circle, backs facing each other so that each person sees a different quadrant of the sky. 

If you are lucky enough to film, use a tripod. Even the tiniest movement of a hand when a camera is zoomed will make the object dance wildly. Leave moments of silence to show that there is or isn't a sound to the object, but also narrate a bit so we know what you are seeing, as often times the color of the lights show up white on the filming when you might have been seeing amber.

For your own edification, consider having your cell phone timer set for 10 minutes. When it goes off, reset it for 10 more. Just force yourself to be aware of time.

Remember, above all else, you are a witness, an archivist. Be thankful you got to see such an event and responsible enough to detail it for better understanding.