Autumn Crafts and Halloween Crafts: From Nature, Repurposed, Items On-Hand


This fall and Halloween, Julie and I are focusing hard on homemade decor, no store-bought items, nature-inspired pieces that bring a vintage vibe that feels like a mix of folk art and hand-hewn Halloween.

Some natural elements to work with - 








dead tree limbs



The short film, "Birch," took a forest and made it terrifying. 

Artists like Pumpkinrot (SHOP or YouTube) show us how to make scarecrows out of natural elements to become something bog-like, root-bound, and scary!

If you recall, "The Blair Witch Project" did a fine job of utilizing the forest to create terror. 

A simple corn dollie made from corn stalks has a total farmland folk art and pagan vibe - 

Gourds, pumpkins, antlers, candles, river rocks, moss - all make great arrangements.

Don't forget cardboard - 

Inside your home, you likely have some cardboard, some yarn or rope, wire, sheets of paper, and other items that can be used to create, as well as items from nature. Consider too things like pallets - 

If you have old Halloween decorations, consider repurposing them. A plastic mask could be covered in feathers to make a bird-man. A plastic pumpkin can be cut out in the back to slip over a porch light.

Start shopping in your home. You might be surprised what you can do with what is already on hand!