Creating Bohemian Mirrors


Post by Sharon

With a few simple 4-inch and 6-inch mirrors, I was able to create some pretty cool Bohemian mirrors for a collection on one wall that makes a marvelous focus for the room. They are super simple - 

I made an 8" circle out of cardboard for the 4" mirror and a 10" circle for the 6" mirror. I glued the mirrors to the cardboard with E6000 glue (love this stuff for crafting!) I then cut a piece of small rope and made a loop and glued it to the back of the cardboard for wall hanging.

The rest was done utilizing a hot glue gun and lots of natural items - rope, twine, feathers, shells, wicker plate chargers, pinecone spikes, raffia, and bamboo placemat sticks. 

Go with your gut. When I did this big stick one above, it was very plain and had no impact, so I painted the tips of the sticks brown and added shells for texture.


You could do driftwood, sea glass, acorns, bark, dried flowers, antlers, fur, and other natural items. 

What I loved about doing this arrangement was to have one wall in my home that is an artistic focus and it has such a huge impact! 

The key here is to have lots of fun natural things to work with (if I had some dead limbs around here, I'd use little twisted twigs). I wanted to keep a very natural color tone of straw and brown so even though the are different looking, they are totally in the same family.