Your Life Branded and Contented: Living the Dream

Post by Sharon

If someone had to ask me the influences that make my heart sing and are deeply embedded in everything about it me, it's nature, weather, Appalachia, the Chesapeake Bay, permaculture, organic growing, no concrete living!

It dawned on me, watching my favorite lifestyle influencers on YouTube, that they inspire me to live my own dreams, create my own brand and content. What life do I NEED to live? 

Having dreamed of being the Martha Stewart of life with nature and seasons, there are some channels that make me weep because I so want to be there, doing that, making my life all about the beauty that surrounds us, the passing of seasons, the joy of weather, the critters of the forests, the quiet reflectful and purposeful living of being one with nature.

Here are some of my favorite channels to live that dream and embrace that living in my everyday life, whether it's eating soup with wooden spoons or walking in an autumn forest, cooking steel cut oats, or staying in a cabin. 

I will readily admit, I'm addicted to them all but my new obsession is Trout and Coffee. This guy totally gets it and fills a need so deep! I'd love to see a beach-oriented one with the same narrative and visuals. 


Trout and Coffee

Off Grid With Jake and Nicole
Off Grid with Doug and Stacy
Jonna Jinton
Girl in Calico
Fairyland Cottage
Gather Thyme
Roots and Refuge Farm
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Northern Heart

Christine McConnell