Halloween Decor for Free


Post by Sharon 

I challenge everyone to reuse, upcycle, and thrift their Halloween. Let's get back to the creepy vintage vibe of folk art and farmlands of the past. 

This needs to be the Halloween of invention and upcycling and thrifting.

If you need materials to make Halloween props -
Start with what you have around you - cardboard, leftover house paint, tin foil, dead tree limbs, dead leaves, black cardboard paper, wire, old garden lattice wood, etc.

Fireplace charcoal - make giant footprints up driveway to door, charcoal up a scarecrow's clothing to make it look dirty or burned, draw a body outline on the ground as if a crime scene.

Cardboard - make fake wooden boards to criss cross over windows like an abandoned site. 

Free resources - sadly country dirt roads lead to many dumps of items by nasty citizens, Nextdoor.com has neighbors giving things away if you just haul it off, items from the forest, friends and family who want to get rid of things and know you need materials. 

You get to create original items for original themes that give that extra creep. And, remember hand-made fabric/burlap/paper masks from the past were horrifying as they were without a personality, very anonymous and mutant-looking.

Happy upcycling and repurposing!


Rotten Appleheads Gang characters
Halloween macrame