When a Singer Doesn't Look Like His/Her Voice


me imitating Courtney Love

Post by Sharon 

Now and then you come across a band with a tune you love but when you find out who's singing it, you kinda go, "huh, didn't expect that!" 

Here's some of my favorite surprises - some are funny and some are stunningly impressive - 

Loved this song (below) in the 70s and even made up a freestyle rollerskating dance to it, but never saw the singer actually singing it. In retrospect, he reminds me of my high school health teacher. That weirds it out for me now. 

In the 80s I was singing this song in the mall where I worked (yeah, a mall rate in the 80s in California). I do recall the first time I saw the video and I laughed. I thought someone had piped in a voice for this ginger boy. He couldn't have such a soulful voice. Go Rick Astley! 

In this case I adored the song and sang it often but assumed it was a male singer. Just adore Tracy Chapman's voice but wow - very androgenous. 

You hear a song and think you have a vision in your head of the singer and then a video teaches you better - 

Here's another fella who shocks the hell outta me! It's another Rick Astley for these times. 

Wow, when I saw Scotty McCreery's video, I had to look it over closely as it was hard to believe this gorgeous country voice was coming from this young pup -


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