Desert Trek


Post by Sharon

Julie and I had the pleasure of heading out to the desert this past weekend at the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, AZ just east of Phoenix. 

There are many legends of gold in the mountains including the Lost Dutchman Gold

Here's some quartz found all over the ground in this gold-laden territory. And, the skeletons of cholla cactus.

Below is a photo of a cholla. These tall cacti are very prickly and nasty. I don't know how cowboys and stagecoaches got through this area as they are so thick, I'm sure the horses really felt it. 

It was about 92 degrees and very clear sunshine.

We came upon a well with snakes in the bottom of it! 

It takes a Saguaro cactus about 95-100 years to get 15 feet high when it will begin to grow an arm. By 200 years, it is at its fullest height. Some saguaros never produce an arm. Others have many arms. They can only be found in the Sonoran desert of Arizona and Mexico. 

This is the vest I use for ghost investigations, Bigfoot investigations, hiking, prospecting, and photography. It's breathable mesh and pockets to hold everything so your hands can be free.