Halloween Foods


Post by Sharon

Halloween and crazy creepy snacks - a dream combo! Here's just some of what's cookin' for Halloween 2020 - 

Simple and yummy. I like to do Buffalo chicken with cheddar and creamed cheese in this, but the taco one makes for a great opportunity to Halloween it up as a spider. Crescent rolls laid out in a pinwheel fashion, filled up with taco meat, folded over and cookied. I'd use the canned breadsticks for legs. 

Spider ice cubes - a winner every time!

Pretty straightforward - cut the apple in half, scoop out most of the insides, fill with caramel sauce. Wrap in Saran Wrap and refrigerate until firm and then cut. Inside-out caramel apple.

Pigs in a blanket with mustard eyes - just wrap in crescent roll dough.

Hot dogs into fingers. Ahhhhh! Horrifying (the ketchup on the hot dog, that is!) 

Carve the butternut squash, hollow it out, rub with oil and roast. Use this to hold something like chili or stew inside. 

Almond sliver teeth

Carved apple heads

Breadstick magic

An A+ for presentation. Cut open clothing, put serving dishes inside.

A pickle turned alligator!

Reese's cup applied when cookie is still warm. 

Muffin tin with things to roll a slice of apple on a wooden skewer into caramel and then coat. 

Donut with a fork turned into an eyeball. 


Take it and run with it!