Rockhounding: Fire Agates!


Post by Sharon

This weekend, we made a trek to Saddle Mountain in Tonopah, Arizona in search of fire agates.

Heading out in the jeep with our fellas, we romped all around these magnificent peaks, up and over arroyos and into the very dry desert (almost no rain this summer). 

We were picking up a lot of chalcedony (cal-SED-nee), a beautifully pearly rock, and looking for ones that had some fire inside of them, making them fire agates.

We found an entire field of them and even the piercing sunlight and burning heat didn't stop us. We were on a mission. 

Below are some photos of the fire agates backlit to show their colors. I hadn't even finished cleaning mine, but wanted to check for colors and set certain promising ones aside.

It was exhausting, overheating, dusty, and rugged, but all the best rewards aren't easy.