Think Outside the Lamp: Unique House Lighting


Post by Sharon

Home lighting is usually approached by the usual generic options - ceiling pot lights, chandelier, and desk lamps. But, there is sooooo much more available to create a mood, fill a need, and shed light on your happy home.


The ocean projection light casts the most soothing moving light like reflections on water. It is ideal in a bedroom and also in a bathroom for tub time. 

The Himalayan salt lamp is a wonderful bedroom addition for soft light in the evening. It glows a soft orange tone. This lamp (above) has salt balls that heat up. You can use those to massage your muscles. *Note: If you have cats, you might reconsider this lamp or put it up where a can cannot get to it as they tend to lick it and get very sick.*

Starlight on the ceiling is quite the romantic option! 

The moon lamp (above) has become a real standard favorite in bedrooms in the past few years.


Uplights are a little utilized but super impactful lighting. Set behind a chair or plant, it casts light and focus in one area. It's a great way to keep a corner of a room from being too dark and depressing. We often consider lights as being from above, but in this case the light it casts is decorative without being blinding. 

A floor lamp with a purpose (above). 

Dimmable lights (above) make it possible to set a mood or be practical and read a book.


The dining room can send a formal message or a casual one. A chandelier doesn't need to be a hanging pendant. It can be a bold shape or content. This is a farmhouse one (above) that is rectangular which makes it also ideal over a kitchen counter/island/penninsula. 

For a rustic bend, antlers might be your thing (above).

If you're feeling bohemian and want some bling, this light (above) might be your fit.


Sure, you could do Christmas string lights on the patio, but do they really offer a consistent light for nighttime meals and entertaining? How about some industrial style bulbs (above)? 

Solar lights (above) have gained popularity for good reason. You set them and forget them. At nighttime, you get a soft beautiful light. 

Just remember that light can come from above (skylights, tube skylights, chandeliers, pot lights, track lighting) or from the side (floor lamps) or from the floor (uplights). As well, they can be magical like water and star projection lights, moonlight, and salt lamps.