Ways to Help Others Without Spending a Cent


Post by Sharon 

Here's ways to help people greatly without giving a penny, but instead giving something of more worth. 

Remember, you create the world you want to live in!

*If you read a book or bought something on Amazon, leave a review. It makes a HUGE difference to that author or business.

*Go onto NextDoor.com and offer things for free - anything you were going to just donate, like furnishings, bricks, garden soil, whatever.

*When someone seems down on Facebook or other social media, maybe no one has liked or commented on something significant they had to say, leave a nice comment. If you have always thought something nice about that person, don't keep it to yourself. That bit of kind words can fuel HUGE changes. And no one wants to feel no one saw or heard them. 

*Mentor - teach an eager mind how to garden, can foods, cut wood, fix a faucet. If someone needs some help in your expertise, sit down and actually show them how it's done. It's the old adage - teach a man to fish....

*If you know someone that might benefit from meeting someone else you know, perhaps professionally or personally, introduce them. 

*When you watch YouTube vids and they are good, please subscribe and hit the like button. That tiny bit can help a channel with good content grow and influence. 

*As always, open doors, help reach things on shelves, smile and make a joke to ease tensions in someone's day. 

*Spontaneously send an old-fashioned card in the mail to someone who needs a smile.

*Be a good ear. Let someone vent. Most folks don't need advice. They know what to do. They simply need to say it out loud, have it heard, feel less alone, and then they can make the changes.